17 March 2021 , 21:37 WIB / news

MUSI RAWAS – It is admitted or not, the infrastructure (way) in palm oil plantation centers in the remote areas is not good enough. When the rain falls, the way would be bad and postpone the people to mobilize.

As a matter of fact, the good infrastructure, besides would ease the men and products to transport, would save the cost. That is why palm oil plantation company, PT Cisadane Sawit Raya Tbk, actively involved to improve the way together with the village government.

PT Cisadane Sawit Raya Tbk, through its subsidiary for instance, PT. Ina Zefanya Ataya (IZA), handed over 100 cubic of coral to strengthen the way. The company gave it to the Village of Beringin Makmur II, Sub district of Rawas Ilir, Musi Rawas, South Sumatera Province that covers 3.000 meter.

From the information to PalmOilMagazine, Estate Manager of PT. IZA, Jumadi Pohan gave the coral to Head of Village of Beringin Makmur II, Jono selak.

The coral to harden the way was done along the way of Haji Din Samsudin because when the rain falls, the company and the labors should pass through. That is why to make the better quality of way, the company through PT IZA gave 10 cubic of stone to harden 400 meters along the way to Haji Din Samsudin.

“It is hoped that the help would make the infrastructure better and the people would not be difficult to pass through,” the company mentioned.  (*)

Source: https://www.palmoilmagazine.com/news/8590/cisadane-sawit-raya-strengthened-the-way-in-village-of-desa-beringin-makmur-ii