Good Corporate Governance


For PT Cisadane Sawit Raya and its subsidiaries, implementing good corporate governance is not only our responsibility to work based on the law and regulations which prevail in Indonesia. It is also a commitment to our Company’s vision and missions to create a competitive and sustainable company.

Good corporate governance is expected to have a positive impact on the creation of corporate accountability, unbiased and independent transactions, disclosure of information inside and outside the Company, increasing the confidence of stakeholders and investors, both domestic and abroad, and supports to achieve the Company’s dynamic operation.

The Company’s governance policy focuses on the functions and responsibilities of the Company’s organs, including the Shareholders, the Board of Commissioners, and Directors. The Company’s organs must carry out their functions under the laws, regulations, and the applicable provisions to help each function performs its duties and responsibilities properly. The implementation of good corporate governance also guarantees the public that the Company has implemented a healthy business behavior; profitable business as well as being beneficial to society and the environment.