12 March 2021 , 07:18 WIB / news

MUSI RAWAS – The bad infrastructure (way) of the people of Rompok Edi and Rompok Danau, Dusun V/VI, Village of Beringin Makmur II, Rawas Ilir, Musi Rawas really postpones the people. The way is the access for the people to do many things.

When the rain falls, one thing for sure, the people would be difficult to pass through. The soil would be full of water if the rain falls and would be muddy. This is the issue for the people.

Knowing this, palm oil plantation company, PT Cisadane Sawit Raya Tbk through its subsidiary, PT. Ina Zefanya Ataya helped to improve the infrastructure by providing heavy tools to improve it.

Referring to the information to PalmOilMagazine from the company, Head of Dusun V, Eko; Head of Dusun VI, Suriyanto and the local people watched the improvement. It was finished in three days, starting from 1 November 2020 to 4 November 2020. (*)


Source: https://www.palmoilmagazine.com/news/8584/to-unravel-the-issues-about-infrastructure--cisadane-sawit-raya-used-heavy-tools