Social and Environmental Responsibility

The Company is committed to increasing positive contributions to the local community in line with the Company’s business growth. Related to community empowerment efforts, the Company strives to improve the quality and quantity of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that refer to the four pillars, namely Health, Education, Environment, and local capacity building, which allows the community to continue the long-term development and sustainability.

Bridge construction in Hutaraga village South Tapanuli by PT MIR and PT Samukti Karya Lestari (SKL). PT SKL contributes Rp200 million for the bridge construction expenses, from the total budget of Rp540 million. A new bridge represents a safe route to other places for the local community.  A safe route to other places doesn’t simply mean not having to wade through a swollen river – it means the possibility of the villagers for a new future, and a new set of dreams. They have the opportunity to see their families, trained in a new trade, and will create sustainable and lasting impact for the immediate future and for the long term.