To become a publicly listed agribusiness company (Plc.) that is reputable and has integrity.


  1. Provide good quality agricultural products that meet consumer needs.
  2. Perform business practices which are efficient, ethical, responsible, conducted with integrity and with respect tohuman resources, while preserving the environment.
  3. Increase added value to all stakeholders by diversification into Agri related businesess.

Cultural Pillar

To achieve the vision and mission, the Company builds a Corporate Cultural Pillar thathas become the firm foundation to which the company was strongly built upon. The Corporate Cultural Pillars are:

  1. Commitment

The ability and willingness to align personal behavior with the Company’s vision and mission, needs, priorities, and goals or targets. Conducting efforts to adjust to the Company, respect the Company’s norms, comply with applicable rules and regulations. Placing the Company’s benefits above their own advantages and supporting decisions taken by the Company.

  1. Synergy

Synergy is a form of win-win cooperation produced through the collaboration of each party without a feeling of losing or winning. It is to complement each other and complete the differences to achieve more excellent results than the respective section individually for one common goal, preciselythe Company’s and its mutual progress.

  1. Responsibility

Responsibility is defined as the skills, talents, abilities, and capabilities of individuals to process or respond to something that comes from existing internal and external factors, to produce maximized positiveresults. Responsibility also comes in the form of self-proclaimedemployee responsibility towards themselves, the work environment, and society.